Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment Donations

It took a lot of hard work and time to buildup the Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment to a place of $29,000. We felt this was significant enough to start giving. In order to keep the endowment sustained, we are only allowed to take a small percentage out of it for each year of giving to water quality, restoration, and awareness. 2020 was the first year of giving and we promise you, we will continue to build the endowment for even more giving! As always THANK YOU for your support.

Year 2020

Nature Center $250

Clean Water Alliance $250

East Lake Improvement Corporation $250

Keep Okoboji Blue Floating Garden Project / Drew Hage $300


Year 2021

Nature Center $250

Clean Water Alliance $600

INHF: East Lake Improvement Corporation $334 ($1,000 pledged over 3 years)