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You Can Be One in a Million!

Keep Okoboji Blue is launching a campaign this summer to raise one million dollars for an endowment to benefit the clean water of the Iowa Great Lakes, administrated by the Okoboji Foundation. This endowment will be sustainable, profitable and beneficial for the Iowa Great Lakes and all future generations. Money raised through this campaign will be invested with the Des Moines Community Fund, averaging a 12% financial return. Every year, 5% will be available for grants, to be given to any organization or landowner that is in need of money to enact the plan set out by the Clean Water Alliance. An Iowa tax credit of 25% of total donation will be issued to those who give to the endowment.

If everyone who loves the lakes gave one dollar to the campaign, the clean water goal of one million dollars would be met, hence the campaign’s slogan “One In A Million”! Keep Okoboji Blue hopes that once everybody hears how important this endowment is, they will not only give just a dollar but will give what they can!  Whether it is $5 or $500, it will help reach the goal of one million! One can donate on our website, or by writing a check to Okoboji Foundation/Keep Okoboji Blue Fund and mailing your donation to Keep Okoboji Blue, 477 Rohr Street, Arnolds Park, Iowa 51331.

John Wills, the Clean Water Alliance Coordinator, has a detailed 22-year plan to insure that our lakes are preserved for future generations. This plan includes phosphorus management, pollution and sediment control, education and monitoring.  The cost of this plan is around 22 million dollars and as of now, there is little funding. With the Keep Okoboji Blue endowment fund in place, this plan will be able to be implemented each year. With the initiation of the fund, a board of directors is being formed to decide on the grants to be given out. Endowment funds will not be used for the administration costs of Keep Okoboji Blue or any other organizations.

This campaign is an inspiration for the community dedicated to protecting the beautiful Iowa Great Lakes! They need your help to cover expenses and to kick off the endowment fund. If you have any questions regarding this campaign please feel free to contact Deidre Rosenboom or Grace Toale at keepokobojiblue@gmail.com.

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            Thanks for your interest in our effort to sustain the water quality of The Iowa Great Lakes. Our mission is to spread education and awareness of Aquatic Invasive Species and Low Impact Development (LID) techniques.

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